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Ghost Taxi Fares in Japan
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Behind Enemy Lines, My Second Book In The Series, Is Now Available

Behind Enemy Lines, volume two in the Armageddon Story Novel Series, was published in eBook and paperback by Irresistible Press Oct. 16, 2015.

Storyline update: William Bradshaw, Colorado megachurch pastor takes the angel's advice. Recovering from an alcoholic stupor he…

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Behind Enemy Lines, Volume Two Cover Image, Armageddon Story Novel Series

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1. Reconnaissance
ISBN 978-1-4974-4699-1

2. Behind Enemy Lines
ISBN 978-1-5173-0248-1

Brief Biographical Sketch of Craige McMillan

Craige McMillan weaves together love, betrayal, redemption, forgiveness and hope in a story centered in Brazil and North America but spanning the globe.

Flawed yet deeply human characters are the signature of his writing in this series. Characters don't tell you the story; you live it amidst action and emotional intensity.

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Author Craige McMillan during a biographical interview.

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Dispatches Across Eternity

My Blog While Writing This Novel Series

Is Immortality A Flip Of The Coin?

Taxi drivers picking up ghost fares. more…

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Dispatches Across Eternity, title of Craige McMillan author blog, showing an ancient mariner map.

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Current Writing Projects

Volume three of the Armageddon Story Novel Series is my major focus for the next few months, at least. The central characters introduced in Reconnaissance, volume one of the series, surprised me with their behavior in Behind Enemy Lines, the second book in the series.

Do you find it odd that the author can be surprised by the behavior of his characters? Many readers do. I know that some authors plot out their books in meticuleous detail before they ever write a word of dialog or cast a scene. I couldn't write that way…

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Craige McMillan current writing projects, early handwritten manuscript from Italy.

I'm Thinking About…

I'm not sure why certain places, people and events catch my imagination, but when they do you will find them here.

Right now I'm focused on biotechnology and computers:

The man-machine merger (singularity) and human genetic modification…

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Craige McMillan is thinking about these things for the next novel, image of girl in thoughtful pose.

Media & Blogger Resources

Craige welcomes media interviews and a reviews of his books. Click the link below to find out more.

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Craige McMillan, Media and Blogger resources for Armageddon Story Novel Series, early newscaster photo.

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